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The Objective
Miinto asked Verve Search to achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links ; support brand recognition efforts and generate traffic and increase ranking and organic visibility for their website.

The Brief
Explore the biggest fashion capitals of the world and discover which cities have the most dedicated Instagram fashionistas. Based on hashtags, find and compare the popularity of your favourite fashion brands in different cities around the world.


The problems

Responsive design should always be mobile first. The problem with this first draft was that, I was concentrating more on the look than functionality so there were more cons than pros :p

The pros were:
• Logo plays well with the hashtag
• Colours with white and gold, elegant and is in-line with Miinto brand image
• Design reflects fashion magazine style
• Nice on using colors as keys to define different cities and countries

The cons are:
• Social icons and info buttons are too far apart from each other resulting in a bad user experience
• How the menu bar would look on a mobile? It needs a button to close the menu bar
• When clicking on the city circles, the name of the city will show, but the design is not friendly on mobile
• Switching the comparison between cities and counties are not obvious enough. And it's down at the bottom, users will easily neglect it.
• The piece is often being embedded by online newspapers or journalist, if the journalist just want to embed one country then the way I designed was not suitable for that purpose
• The information bar that shows the percentage results are not clear and it's confusing

The Solutions

• Place buttons close to each other
• The language switch buttons and city/country switch buttons should place at the same place
• Add hamburger menu bar next to the switch button
• Separate the information graphic results when comparing two cities / countries
• Add show all brand button CTA for journalist who like to see the whole brand results


I kept the navigationn bar and social icons at the top right so it could responsive better across all devices. There is an option for the users to close the menu to see the entire map. By clicking on the brands, the top 5 results will change accordingly. Clicking on the circles, will take the users straight to comparison. By hovering on the circles, the name of that place will appear.