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The Campaign: 1M1M
1 Mission 1 Million (1M1M) – Getting to the Heart of Stroke is a global campaign which aims to raise awareness and understanding of atrial fibrillation and the associated risk of stroke. Up to three million people worldwide have a stroke related to atrial fibrillation every year – that is one person every 12 seconds. Many people do not understand what atrial fibrillation is, its link to stroke or that many of these strokes could be prevented. 1 Mission 1 Million aims to address this.

The Objectives
• Communicate the efforts and success of BI and 1M1M in preventing AF-related stroke
• Provide an overview of 1M1M journey from the beginnings in 2010 to the present
• Highlight the work that will live on through the winning projects from 2011

The Strategy
• In the week leading up to World Stroke Day, a piece of the infographic will be released on the Global social media channels each day.
• Full infographic will be released on World Stroke Day (29 October)

Design thoughts
The brief is to raise awareness of AF-related stroke, to answer the brief, the old inforgraphic (image below) visually is not strong enough and there is no design hierarchy. To keep the campaign consistent with web and mobile, I adopted the same colour from the web, bright pink, orange and 70% black and added in more typography. This allowed me to break out each sections and highlight the key information by using shouty and contrast colour to attract the attention from the public.

Each day of the campaign the manager will released an infographic and each day the piece being released will have a different background color. The intention is to make medical information engaging and use colour to attract the public to participate this campaign.