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Sporty Group is a consumer internet and technology business with an unrivalled sports media, gaming, social and fintech platform which serves millions of daily active users across the globe via technology and operations hubs across more than 10 countries and 3 continents.

My Role
As the lead designer, I am responsible to design Sporty Global registration flow,  solving complex payment flow and create sports social media features across different platforms. Furthermore, I often conduct user interviews, user research and design with data tools for feature optimization.  Create survey, data analysis for User Persona is also part of my role. 


The Global Workflow

Two reasons why we use email for registration are "Registered email is internationally used" and "Registered email is recognized by Laws and Regulations." This way we keep registration easy and secured.

The 3 Steps Registration Flow

Me Page Optimisation

Above are hit map clicking rates. According to that, Transaction and Bet history can be at the same level. We should also group all types of history bet in Bet History and make Bet History, Transactions, Preference less prominent than Deposit and Withdraw. Also, create a new settings page for preference configuration is needed.

Global Payment