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Sporty.com is one of a Sporty Group product. It's an all-inclusive Sports entertainment App with top sports news, football live scores, free football live-streaming and sports odds. It also provides social feature to interact with friends and make sharing sports news instantly whenever you are.

My Role
Lead Sporty.com desktop visual, create templates for other designers to roll new features out. Optimise Sporty.com registration flow to reduce the drop-out rate. Conduct social feature design, create user flow and implement it with development team.


Registration Flow Optimisation

When we first launch Sporty.com App, the registration rate was below expectation. We use Full Story and Google Analytics to discover user drop out points.

◉ Problem Statement: In our findings, we discover it takes at least 5 screens for user to be able to browse Sports news during registration process. User begin to drop out around the 3rd screen, and forcing user to complete the registration before enjoying the news is another blocker. Sporty.com is a free app, we should make reading Sports news easy with no blocker and encourage user to register after; if user wish to set up preference settings.

◉ Solution: Add skip button in Sign-up screen to give user options to enjoy the App first before signing up. Reduce the Sign-up page to half of the screen and make the main news page an overlay behind it; this way we are able to use contents to encourage our user to stay on the app. Also redesign filter icon to a more preference like icon, as it direct user to preference settings.

◉ Results: Reduce drop out rate by 20% more, and it becomes another popular social channel for Sportybet user.

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