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Pleased is a CRM platform that designed to improve customer relationships.  We aim to simplify support and makes information sharing easy, where ticketing, chatting, automation and self-service, all in one. Improved customer service, Pleased lifetime customers. 

My Role
I lead and define clear Pleased design system and optimize existing CRM features with user interviews. Design new features such as Voice and Social Chats to enhance our customer relationships. Understand what the requirements are and able to expand them with creative ideas, define clear problems with solutions are part of my role.


Dashboard Optimisation

Point A & B: Removed A, as from the feedback; A is not really needed. Make B more prominent and add colours according to each ticket types to help agents to identity tickets at a glance. Also make these buttons clickable and stand out more.  

Point C: When designing for desktop, we should try to group information and use bigger font. Feedback from ops teams include, text are too small, hard to read ticket names. Solutions for this are, turn this tickets that need attentions into a column; use colours from point B and place it on the right side of the Dashboard. Human eyes read in a Z shape. This tickets need attention will become the 2nd things that agent read, which is also the secondary information on this board. 

Point D & E: Add D and E, these are the requirements from the ops team, they like to see the overall customer satisfaction rate and instant chat status will make customer service more available.


The Other features

Pleased Design System

Feature Optimisation Example:

◉ Problem Statement: Same user often reach customer service with different numbers or email addresses, which cause duplicated information and cause more admin time.

◉ Solution: Merge user info in a pop-up window and allow Back-end to identify similar accounts.

◉ Results: Cleaner database and save 5% admin time