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ODEON Blockbusters

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Email marketing is one of the most convenient, personal and instant ways to connect and build relationships between brands and customers. To help ODEON attract, keep and gain more customers, we designed a number of campaigns to boost their customer relationships.

Challenge & Solution
The challenge we were given was ‘How to stand out from the crowd’. There are many competitors within the cinema industry, products are identical, and assets from distributors are the same. Whilst Email design has restrictions, to keep emails off the spam folder, my team and I came up with the Blockbuster film communication strategy. We brainstormed with our developers to create a series of highly-visual, kinetic and interactive email campaigns during my time at Adeptiv.

*Overall the blockbuster film communications programme achieved an uplift across core performance metrics; open rate, CTO and bookings vs the previous year. *The campaigns saw metrics higher than industry benchmarks, achieving open rates of up to 38% and CTO rates of over 20%.

Visual Design & Strategy


Beauty & the Beast (Hover function) Visit online

We used personalisation in the subject line and applied a countdown clock to create a sense of urgency to drive advance bookings. We reviewed the film assets, to see what we could achieve innovatively without breaking the film branding. Our aim was to interact with the guest instead of spamming them with information. Most of our data base are gmail users, a formate that supports hover function and enabled users to interact with the film characters by tapping on the images on a mobile (web hover) to see the roles they played. We also designed a fallback version for browsers not supporting hover function such as Outlook.


Avengers (Scroll) Visit online

The brief from ODEON asked us to create 4 emails. Pre-book, main solos (A/B testing), follow up and re-book. We wanted to avoid just spamming Avengers film fans with details of a new film release. We really wanted to interact with them. The story line of the film was about the infinity stones, 5 of which had appeared in previous Marvel films. We gathered informations on where the stones were and encouraged the fans to watch the new release and look for the final stone with the Avengers and save the earth.

Why Rolling function?
Applying new kinetic elements to our design is always one of our aims, we found out gmail also supports rolling function. There are 6 stones in total, 5 of them already appeaerd in other Marvel films, the last one soul stone is still a mystery. By rolling the mouse, the guests have a clear view on which stones appeared where and who owns them; the rolling function also creates smooth movement with the mouse, the ‘info’s falls nicely into each stones.


Descipable ME 3 (Tab) Visit online

We chose tab function for this campaign, so we could use more film assets to attract fans to find out more about this film and interact with the characters. Minions play the major part, a lot of people go to the cinema for them. To keep the characters moving, a lot of gifs are being used here too.

Othe email campaign