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LetsgoVeggie is a food delivery app that allows you to discover the best quality plant-based food around your area. It groups vegans and vegetarians together and is a smart solution to fit ones healthy diet into their busy work schedule.

Being a vegetarian, I always found the current food delivery app is not so user friendly for veggies. Design a delivery app for a plant-based diet group of people is something I always wanted to do. This is also a project that I pitched to a company, from concept to deliver the first draft was only 5 days. There are still rooms to shape, but hoping this will be launched in the future soon.


The core experiences

The problem statement

To live a healthy living, there are more and more people getting into plant-based food. Amongst this group of people, some are vegans who practice abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. Being a vegan is not just a simple diet, but a philosophy.

Even though restaurants nowadays are being more inclusive to have veggie or vegan options for these group of people, there is not yet a food delivery app that has been designed especially for them. In the current food apps, veggies or vegans often spend extra time to find the right things to order, they are tired of browsing menus that are not relevant to them and they are keen to know the best veggie options around them.

Being an odd one in the group can be awkward, restaurants often don’t do single delivery. Veggies or vegans crave for a sense of community, they often feel left out from the group.


Design process

Let’sgoVeggie is an online platform designed especially for plant-based diet group of people. It discovers all the plant-based food menus in town and on-demand hyperlocal eco-friendly delivery service..

User Persona

User Insights

There are quite a lot of vegan / vegetarians around me, I asked few of them to get their insights about food apps in general. Below are points on their struggles and what would make them feel happy.

User flow

Typography & colours

Logo & Icons


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