avana LLC

The Objectives
Expedia asked Verve Search to achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links ; support brand recognition efforts and generate traffic and increase ranking and organic visibility for their website. (Social engagement was not an objective on it’s own but was part of the strategy in order to improve the chances of securing links with big authority sites.)

The concept
Experience how London / Oslo has changed over time by virtually walking the streets of London / Oslo now and 100 years ago.

The result
Coverage on ITV News (London); 112 pieces of coverage from 89 linking root domains which was viewed an estimated 2.17 million times, Coverage from the large authority sites; The Sun, The Daily Mail, the Independent, Standard.co.uk, This Is Money, Business Insider, Culture 24, Timeout, BT ; Historic London has seen over 90K social shares.


The problems

• The overlaying image is too big, hard to view the virtual image in the back and if the viewer wants to view the image behind, need to work out a way to hide it.
• The google map is too big, very hard for fingers to skip the map and scroll down to a different section.

The solutions

• Make map less depth
• Default the max size of all overlay images, so they don’t go out of screen. Add a hand icon and instruct the user to hold it and hide.

Historic Oslo

Historic London had helped Expedia UK generate great online traffic, the piece had 90k social shares and was even broadcast on the news. The client decided to create a similar product for Expedia Oslo, help Oslo site generate online traffic and increase organic visibility. And potentially convert the visitors into thier online customers.

The wireframes for Oslo are the same as the historic London. The colour scheme, I kept white, black and grey. I tried to keep the piece simple with less color and tone to reflcct Nordic design and style. I used a lot of white to create space and grey out all old town imageries so the site look more classic and elegant.