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Gocompare.com asked Verve Search to achieve top-tier, authoritative, editorially valid links ; support brand recognition efforts and generate traffic and increase ranking and organic visibility for their website.

The concept
Picking which university to attend can be one of the most important decisions a person makes. To simplify the decision-making process we broke down the cost of student life across the UK. This year's finances don’t have to be frustrating when you Gocompare.com your university!

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The problem

UI design without user testing, it often fails! The feedback I received after we launched the site included: the background was very distracting and noisy; people got confused what to choose from the landing page and it made users drop out easily when they landed on the page; colours are cool, young and hipster but too bright and too edgy for newspaper to embed the piece; the major element of the information was in the total column but it did not stand out enough; colours were too bright and hard to read; there was no need to have lines and use colours at the same time to divide the dates. We should make the "view full comparison" the primary selection, because most of the students, already have a desire location and a course they want attend in their mind.

I changed the background from edgy patterns to money sign doodling, which is more related to the products and connects better with students. I used "view the full comparison" to lead the landing page. The users could filter the area and course they wanted first, then add in different budgets to compare. After they land on the full comparison page, the CTA button at the bottom changes to compare universities and takes users to the page to compare between two selected universities.