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Redesign ODEON app and lifecycle emails for best user practice. Ensure visuals are consistenct across all ODEON platfroms (cinema& products).

Content strategy
The number of mobile users has increased by 50% in the last 3 years. We want to reskin the ODEON app and apply user center principle to encourage mobile bookings. Customers who use this app will not only use it for ticket bookings but also for entertainment purposes and use it as a social platform. Our target audience includes families, young adults and older people. Our aim is to get involved in people's social circles and connect them in this new ODEON social platform .


Current App issues

• Poor user journey
• Outdated Visuals
• Primary searching function should be based on films not locations
• Incorrect icons applied to the primary selection buttons at the bottom
• Lack of purpose for users to use this app, as it's easier to book tickets through ODEON website and find more information about the films


• Redesign the icons at the bottom, so they fit for each purpose
• Update visuals to align with new lifecycle template emails
• Reskin the user flow map and shorten the user journey's between booking and finding films to watch
• We add social chat features to convert more guests from using website to mobile, Guests could form their film squad team and invite each other for films. They could also have film discussion within the app and leave live reviews.