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Adeptiv is a leading international data driven marketing agency. Adeptiv increases customer value through the ultimate mix of data, technology, media and creation. They help brands connect data across a customer’s entire journey so that there is a genuine dialogue that builds over time as interactions increase.

My Role
As lead designer of Adeptiv UK, I am responsible for all Adeptiv UK branding, visual design and products from website, photography, icons, motion graphics, presentations, layouts, guidelines to marketing assets. I also work closely with the marketing department and engineering team to create strategies, concepts and digital ads to promote our brand.


Adeptiv_UK Site


To keep the branding consistant with the head office, our website adopts the same structure and look and feel as the hub office. We changed our marketing tone of voice slightly to fit with the UK market and also adjusted the wirframes so our content could flow better. Simplicity is the key to web design; to help other businesses know what we do, I lead our website with our unique proposition "create dialogue and build strong relationships". I left lots of empty space around the text so our eyes could engage more with the message. To keep the eyes away from busy pattern and colours, I also toned down the colours and applied only 3 primary colours to our site. Context is what we want them to focus on.


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